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Kid-Friendly Charleston Restaurants


Finding kid-friendly restaurants in a city you’re not familiar with can be a challenge. Are there changing tables in the bathroom? Does the restaurant provide highchairs? Will the other patrons act annoyed that you’ve brought your brood to their favorite quiet safe space? These 10 kid-friendly Charleston restaurants will keep your kids happy and occupied. And you won’t need to worry about side-eye from your neighbors when the little ones get a little rowdy.

Kid-Friendly Charleston Restaurant Tips

Finding a kid-friendly Charleston restaurant might seem like a daunting task — especially in a town that’s known for its fine dining. Yet, don’t forget that Charleston is also known just as much for its lowcountry, laid-back fare as its upscale fusion. When searching for a kid-friendly spot, there are a few things you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

Beer Halls

Yes, beer halls might seem like a no-no when it comes to kids but bear with us on this one. Many beer halls in Charleston now allow kids during the day (with their parents, of course) and many beer halls also have large spaces between tables that can accommodate equally large strollers. Many now also offer play areas for kids.

Casual Dining

We think little ones should try to expand their palates early on. But we also know that dressing up your toddler is probably as easy as getting him to eat steak tartare. When it comes to kids, casual spots will probably be easier to get in and out of — and offer a decent kids’ menu.

Kid-Friendly Cuisines

Restaurants that specialize in kid-friendly cuisines (such as ones with mac and cheese, burgers and pizza) on their adult menus are more likely to boast better kids’ menus.

The Alley

Just because you’ve got kids doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few beers. Charleston has tons of kid-friendly bars and breweries, where you can try some tasty microbrews and your kids can keep entertained with games and toys.

The Alley is possibly one of the most kid-friendly bars in Charleston. As the name suggests, this is a kid-friendly bowling alley. But that’s just where the fun starts. In addition to their lanes, the Alley also has ping pong, skeeball and arcade games. The adult menu has tasty high-end pub fare, while the kids’ menu is full of hot dogs, pizza and hamburgers.

Breizh Pan Crepes

What kid doesn’t love an excuse to eat pancakes at every meal? Breizh Pan Crepes has a chic, classic vibe and a menu loaded with both sweet and savory options. They also have some killer hot cocoa and coffee drinks. In addition to kid-friendly options, they also serve vegan and gluten-free options and can accommodate most dietary needs.

There’s even a toy box to keep impatient and hungry kids occupied before the food arrives.

Brown Dog Deli

This funky, retro deli is perfect for both kids — and those of us who are simply kids at heart. As the name suggests, yes, they serve hot dogs here. And not just any kind of hot dogs: they serve up a Chicago-style hot dog that some might say rivals the ones in the Windy City itself. Other fan favorites here? The mac and cheese sandwich, egg salad and Pawley’s hot dog (a hot dog covered with cheddar cheese).

The laid-back dining room makes everyone feel comfy-cozy. They even have an outdoor patio for warm-weather days.

Daps Breakfast & Imbibe

As the name would imply, Daps is primarily a breakfast and brunch spot. And yes, there is plenty of coffee for the adults (we’d never deprive you of that), but the menu is also full of kid-friendly favorites, such as fruity pebble pancakes and cinnamon toast crunch sticky buns.

Also as the name implies, this spot is known for their libations — including breakfast wine. Yes, these are technically ‘regular’ wines, but when they’re paired with your breakfast favorites, they become morning vinos. They also serve breakfast beers and breakfast cocktails as well.

The Glass Onion

When one thinks of the best family-friendly restaurants in Charleston, the fancy ones don’t usually end up on the forefront of your mind. The Glass Onion happens to be one of the most highly rated restaurants in the state, yet it’s equally welcoming to kids as it is adults.

Everything here — from the menu to the waitstaff to the décor — is welcoming to little ones.

All the food on the menu is authentically lowcountry. If you’re not from the South, you can feed your kids all the best food that this area has to offer and watch the look on their faces the first time they try fried green tomatoes and po’boys.

Mex 1 Coastal Cantina

This casual eatery is known for its extensive menu and colorful interior. While some SoCal Mexican restaurants might skimp on the kids’ menu, this one does not. They use the same ingredients to build kid-friendly tacos, quesadillas and nachos that they do in their adult menu items.

Family-friendly favorites include the rice bowl, chick-a-dilla (quesadilla with chicken) and nachos with liquid queso and a protein, such as ground beef or chicken.

Adults can look forward to tortas filled with pork belly, Baja fish or po’boy oysters. You can even build your own Baja bowl with smoked chicken or pork or Mex 1’s famous bangin’ shrimp.


This spot is perfect for families who can never agree on what to eat for dinner. The space is actually a trendy food court with six different counters, serving fast-casual choices. Cuisines include sushi, tacos, fancy burgers and Vietnamese. There’s even a bar, serving a selection of wines and beers that they’ll help you pair with your food.

While each kitchen doesn’t offer a specific children’s menu per se, they do offer some tasty kid-friendly dishes.

The best part? You don’t need to worry about toting around dirty diapers after a meal here. The bathroom is equipped with changing tables; they even offer organic baby products to help you clean up.

Zombie Bob’s

Most kids like pizza. It’s a fact. We have no idea where to site that fact, but we believe it to be true in our hearts. This pizzeria is great because it caters to both kids and adults.

Kids love menu items, such as the cheese pizzadilla (yes, it’s a pizza quesadilla) as well as slices of the thin-crust and deep-dish pies. For dessert, there’s a freezer-full of Popsicles.

There’s even a kids’ section that’s full of toys to keep youngsters entertained before the meal arrives.

The adults can entertain themselves with a giant beer selection as Zombie Bob’s is located inside a brewery.

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