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Charleston Stories

Archive: Sep 2019

Kid-Friendly Charleston Restaurants

Finding kid-friendly restaurants in a city you’re not familiar with can be a challenge. Are there changing tables in the bathroom? Does the restaurant provide highchairs? Will the other patrons act annoyed that you’ve brought your brood to their favorite quiet safe space? These 10 kid-friendly Charleston restaurants will keep your kids happy and occupied….

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September 15, 2019

Where to Find the Best Views in Charleston

Charleston is known for many things (churches, food and music). What it’s not known for? Tall buildings. Overall, the Holy City is relatively flat. In fact, church steeples tower over most buildings. We haven’t built skyscrapers or observation decks. What we do have? Plenty of rooftop bars and restaurants as well as waterfront property. While…

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September 2, 2019